Fun Christmas Activities For The Classroom That The Kids Will Love!

During the holiday season, engaging our students can be harder than ever.  Using holiday and seasonal activities helps to get over that hurdle. These Christmas activities will have your students focused and engaged while working on important skills.

1. Letter to Santa Writing

The top Christmas writing activity would have to be the classic letter to Santa. The kiddos love writing their letter to Santa. Why not take this opportunity to teach them how to write a letter, address an envelope and post mail. Download this Letter to Santa writing paper freebie HERE to get you started.

2. Procedural Writing

Think gift wrapping, gingerbread house building, tree decorating… Christmas procedures are fun and can be made all the more enjoyable by the doing!

How to Catch an Elf by Adam Wallace is the perfect stimulus for procedure writing.

3. Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas tree decorating is another fun way to get your students writing and learning practical skills. Check out this video to match the How to decorate a Christmas Tree activity.

4. Gingerbread Activities! Yum!

Another fun and creative procedure writing activity is Gingerbread House design and build.

5 . All Things Elf!

The elf on the classroom shelf is so much fun for little learners! I love how much joy and excitement the elf brings to our classroom at the end of the year.

First we decide on a name… This is where we come up with a bunch of names and narrow them down to the four most popular. Then the kids vote, we collect the data and voila! We have a name!

⭐ Christmas Elf Writing & Activity Bundle Worksheets

Then we start our observation journal. Everyday the kiddos love to write about all the antics our elf gets up to.

⭐ Christmas Elf Writing & Activity Bundle Worksheets

Other fun writing activities to get the kiddos inspired… Label and describe the elf or have them apply for a job at the North Pole! Make sure you DOWNLOAD this Elf Job Application FREEBIE.

Try it Out!

Visit Mrs L’s Little Learners to find more great teaching resources!


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