Activities for Walk of the Whales by Nick Bland

The picture book Walk of the Whales is another exceptional delivery from Nick Bland.

The Blurb: When all of the whales in the ocean leave their home to walk around on land, people don’t quite know what to think. But soon shopkeepers go out of business, farms are flooded with water and salt, and people shout horrible, anti-whale words. That is, until, a smart little girl decides to ask the whales what everyone can do to help.

This book is a must for any classroom library as it seeks to explain how humanity and our lifestyle have impacted the natural environment in a way that young audiences can make connections.

Teaching ideas:

  • Compare the impact that the whales had on the ocean to that of when they walked on the land.
  • Look at the arguments for and against the whales going back to the ocean. Write a persuasive text using OREO.
  • Create opinion posters. Should the whales stay or go back to the ocean?
  • Plan and write a newspaper article about the day the whales walked out of the ocean.

Try it Out

Click here to buy this resource.

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